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littleglitter's graphics
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10th-Feb-2009 12:27 pm - 36 icons
lauren graham

This post includes: Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Gilmore, Rory Gilmore, Luke Danes, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Supernatural, Sam&Dean, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Ruby, Castiel, Wee!Sam

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6th-Feb-2009 05:29 pm - fanmix: precious love (sam/jessica)
arielle kebbel: fashion queen
Sam&Jessica from Supernatural. I still ship these two :) Enjoy my fanmix!

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6th-Feb-2009 03:56 pm - round: making icons
arielle kebbel: hottie
Another round with anat_daily. This time I picked 6 pictures of Supernatural and Janey picked 6 pictures of Amsterdam. We sent them to each other and made icons. Here's the result:

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22nd-Jan-2009 05:22 pm - 25 icons
lauren graham

This post includes: Arielle Kebbel, Lauren Graham, Maggie Grace, Katie Cassidy, Alexis Bledel, Rachel McAdams.

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4th-Jan-2009 11:31 pm - icons
lauren graham
Hi! Long time no see! I'm bringing you new icons :) Enjoy, credit, comment, ~ you know the rules :)

01-03 Sam & Dean
04-06 Jensen Ackles
07-08 Jared Padalecki
09-09 Jared Padalecki & Sandy Mccoy
10-13 Sam Winchester
14-14 Jared & Jensen

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10th-Dec-2008 12:08 am - hey! i'm alive :)
lauren graham
God! I haven't posted anything for such a long time! :( I need to get better and I would appreciate you to tell me what you'd like to see here. Come on! This lj needs new goodies :)
26th-Aug-2008 08:03 pm - fanmix: you belong to me ~ rory/dean
lauren graham
Woohoo! After long time I'm back with a fanmix! This time it's dedicated to a Gilmore Girls couple Rory/Dean. Enjoy =)

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10th-Aug-2008 05:55 pm - banners, icons
lauren graham
07x Hilary Duff
08x Rachel McAdams
07x Emma Watson
04x Gilmore Girls
03x Christina Aquilera
05x Alexis Bledel

06x Rachel McAdams
08x Emma Watson
02x Christina Aguilera
04x Alexis Bledel

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30th-Jul-2008 08:05 am - suggestions
lauren graham


 Please leave suggestions for what you would like to see here.
All comments are very welcome.

29th-Jul-2008 06:15 pm - new layout
lauren graham
~ new layout ~ fallon_simply
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